Launching & Workshop: Towards Sustainable Fisheries and Business in Indonesia

Launching & Workshop: Towards Sustainable Fisheries and Business in Indonesia

As of today, February 8, 2020, the Indonesian Demersal Fisheries Association (ADI) which was officially established on March 5, 2019, was confirmed by the Director General of Capture Fisheries of the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Mr. Ir Zulficar Mochtar M.Sc. The inauguration was also attended by the Head of Fish Resources Management Section, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office of East Java Province, Awalrush Andira Rendy.

ADI was formed with a view to supporting responsible and sustainable use of demersal fisheries resources in Indonesia. Considering demersal fisheries, especially snapper and grouper, contributed an export value of around US $ 398 million, with a volume of finished product snapper around 22,312 tons, and grouper around 15,890 tons (BKIPM 2019).

The main mission of ADI is to increase the production of demersal fisheries by implementing efforts to improve the management of demersal fisheries, which are able to create a sustainable, consistent and prosperous source of livelihood for fishermen families and their communities, and maintain the balance of the ecosystem with the target of obtaining an ecolabel certificate recognized by the market in and overseas.

According to the chairman of ADI, M. Novi Saputro (KML Seafood): “To achieve sustainable and consistent demersal fisheries at the national level, collaboration between all stakeholders is needed, ranging from fishermen and surrounding communities, processing producers, consumers and the Indonesian government. At present ADI is formulating steps to be taken in developing Improvement of National Snapper – Grouper Fisheries Management in several major Fisheries Management Areas (WPP) in Indonesia, and supporting all harvesting strategy activities, estimating stocks and determining the optimal catch amount ” .

Governance with the right steps and can be implemented well certainly need a spirit of change that can be accepted, especially by the culture of the Indonesian fisheries community. The Governance is a sustainability platform that will become a guidance for strategic steps to achieve all the International and National Ecolabel targets that make the Snapper and Grouper fisheries exist with a National Brand that has high values ​​and is Indonesia’s pride that can compete in the Local and International Markets.

The Director General of Capture Fisheries (DJPT), who acts as ADI Trustees, expects the seriousness of the ADI management to be able to bring this organization as a Government partner in:

1. Supporting a better fisheries management improvement program in order to preserve the demersal fisheries resources
2. Increasing the production of Indonesian demersal fish in a better way, and increase the economic value of demersal fisheries
3. Trying to innovate fishery products to be able to meet market demand both at home and abroad.
4. Supporting Government programs especially in the field of conservation of demersal fisheries resources.
5. Supporting the development and development of Indonesian demersal fisheries which includes improving the welfare of fishermen and other stakeholders.
6. Increasing compliance with national and international laws and regulations

“Indonesia is a demersal fishery-producing country in the world, to date there are 11 fishing and processing companies are members of ADI in Indonesia, which is certain to increase after today’s inauguration. Efforts to improve snapper-grouper fisheries planned by ADI can make a significant impact in the sustainable use of demersal fisheries. SFP as an international organization partnered with KKP, highly appreciates ADI’s efforts as the only sustainable fisheries oriented demersal container in Indonesia, “Dessy Anggraeni, Indonesia FIPs Director.

Surabaya, February 8, 2020

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