Indonesia Demersal Association (ADI) was established on 5 March 2019, to include all of the actors in the sustainable demersal fisheries business and facilitate an improvement program through a national snapper-grouper FIP in Indonesia.

The role of the association is as coordination and discussion platform among snapper-grouper (demersal) processors/exporters to discuss the common issues across fisheries and work together with government and other stakeholders to find solutions.


To become an excellent organization in the development of marine and fisheries sectors, especially for demersal fisheries that are sustainable and environmentally friendly


  • To become MMAF partner in the sustainable demersal fisheries management and participating in the decision making process related demersal fishery policies.
  • To accommodate and deliver members aspirations and interests in improving demersal fisheries.
  • To improve compliance with national and international regulations
  • To provide data and information that can be used by the Government to improve sustainable demersal fisheries management
  • To increase cooperation and coordination with other organizations/stakeholders
  • To promote sustainable demersal fisheries
  • To recognize the equality of bargaining positions among business partners

Our Activities

  • Collect and manage biological and socioeconomic data
  • Accommodate and channel the aspirations of members in environmentally friendly businesses
  • Provide guidance and training in implementing good practices and sustainable principles for demersal fishery management
  • Help develop business in local and international networks
  • Encourage and support mutually beneficial business partnerships between fishing companies (upstream) and fish processors (downstream)
  • Bridge relationships among members, government representatives, and other stakeholders
  • Assist the government in increasing business investment in environmentally friendly practices for demersal fisheries
  • Become a role model for sustainable and responsible fisheries
  • Help resolve local and international issues in demersal fisheries
  • Provide up-to-date information on regulations that apply both nationally and internationally
  • Achieve sustainable labeling/certification for Association members
  • Assist members in developing National Snapper and Grouper Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) and Other demersal FIPs, if needed
  • Obtain recognition for participation of Association members in FIPs  
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